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Home » Mortgage Refinance Explained – Refinance 101 refinance mortgage explained

Mortgage Refinance Explained – Refinance 101 refinance mortgage explained

キャッシュアウトの借り換えを検討していますか、または毎月の支払いを減らすために借り換えを検討している可能性がありますが、住宅ローンの借り換えプロセスについてはよくわかりませんか? キャッシュアウト借り換えとホームエクイティローンの違いは何ですか? このビデオでは、リソースを検討する必要がある場合について説明します。🏠-初めての住宅購入者コース-✅-住宅ローン会社または不動産業者への紹介を取得-タイムスタンプ0:00-イントロ1:00。 -プロの住宅ローンの貸し手をどこで見つけることができますか? 1:25-いつ借り換えを検討すべきですか? 3:37-借り換えと住宅担保ローンのキャッシュアウト4:55–住宅ローンの借り換えに必要なもの8:10–住宅ローンの借り換え時に避けるべきこと私とつながる👇ジェブ・スミス(ハンティントンビーチの不動産業者/オレンジカウンティ不動産)DRE 01407449コールドウェルバンカーリアルティ➡INSTAGRAM➳➜➜➜その他のビデオを購読する➜➜➜パーソナルファイナンス関連のトピックに関するビデオを見逃さないようにするには、私のチャンネルを購読してから、ここでベル通知を押してください➜#FirstTimeHomeBuyer #Housing BuyAHouse。

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Mortgage Refinance Explained - Refinance 101

Mortgage Refinance Explained – Refinance 101

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Mortgage Refinance Explained – Refinance 101
refinance mortgage explained
ここでたくさんの役立つ情報を見ることができます: 詳細はこちら
ここでたくさんの役立つ情報を見ることができます: 詳細はこちらr

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22 thoughts on “Mortgage Refinance Explained – Refinance 101 refinance mortgage explained”

  1. I feel misled. I clicked on this video because I thought it was going to be an explanation of what refinancing is. While I’m sure this information is very helpful, I didn’t learn what mortgage refinancing was on a “101“ level.

  2. Hi Jeb, our mortgage holder Citibank says in order to add my spouse onto the mortgage, I must Refinance. Do you think that’s worth it? Thanks sir!

  3. I am looking to refinance. I’m a investor and I’m going into my 2 property and heard it was a good idea to refinance on my first one. Don’t think I need to take money out .. I just am not sure if it makes sense to. Is there anyone you can direct me to to help me figure that out. I am in fort Washington, Maryland.

  4. Suggestion: When calling a video 101 it would help to start with a simple scenario and explain what the heck refinance is and why it is used so a newcomer understands it. Makes no sense to name a video 101 and start with the process ASSUMING the listener already knows the buzz words and the common terms.

  5. Hello Jeb Smith, thanks for this wonderful explanation. I was wondering if there's any basic formula when it comes to refinancing so I can plug in my numbers ? Sorry if it's a dumb question.

  6. I have a question?? If I don't have the down payment to bring the mortgage monthly payment to where I like it. But I will have enough in a year or so. Would it be a smart move to get the house we really want now and refinance later to lower the monthly payment when I have a bigger down payment?????? And how does a down payment work on a refinance??? Do I just make a large mortgage payment before the refinance???

  7. I work as a lender and periodically check out what information is being shared on YouTube. This is probably one of the best videos out there, informative and accurate!

  8. Thanks for the advice. You explained everything very well and it made sense to me. I appreciate the information. Any input on refi with a traditional bank versus a local credit union?

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