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Home » Computers, Terminals and Technology of Fallout 4 Versus The Real World (Lore) #PumaThoughts fallout 4 technology

Computers, Terminals and Technology of Fallout 4 Versus The Real World (Lore) #PumaThoughts fallout 4 technology

私のTwitterへのリンク:こんにちは、Fallout 4の別のビデオで戻ってきました。今日は、Fallout Universesのコンピューター、ターミナル、その他のコンピューター関連テクノロジーについて話し、実際に見られるものと比較したいと思います。現実の世界。 皆さんがこのフォールアウトの伝承ビデオを楽しんで、あなたの考えを教えてくれることを願っています!。

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Computers, Terminals and Technology of Fallout 4 Versus The Real World (Lore) #PumaThoughts

Computers, Terminals and Technology of Fallout 4 Versus The Real World (Lore) #PumaThoughts

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Computers, Terminals and Technology of Fallout 4 Versus The Real World (Lore) #PumaThoughts
fallout 4 technology
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29 thoughts on “Computers, Terminals and Technology of Fallout 4 Versus The Real World (Lore) #PumaThoughts fallout 4 technology”

  1. In my headcanon Fallout 4 is set in present year 2021 in an alternate reality where the Cuban missile Crisis was the 'big one' but technology has mysteriously and inconsistently advanced since the 40s through analysis of alien tech. When they call scientists: 'sorcerer-scientists' they are covering fo rthe fact that the advanced tech is retro engineered.

  2. the commodore 64 is using a MOS 6502 chip… if suppose that the pip-boy is on par with that … (a mobile device) then it is fair to assume that the terminals we see are quite a bit stronger … the same way a desktop is quite a bit stronger than a smartphone
    i would argue that the difference is not as big as in our timeline though … nowadays modern desktops with mid ranger hardware are still much more powerful than the best phones… in the fallout universe , because of different priorities in tech research i believe that the computers are about 4× more powerful than a pip boy (in our timeline a desktop computer can have ~20 times more computing power than a phone of the same price) supposing thats the case we have a computer that is 4 times more powerful than the Commodore 64… the intel 8086 cpu is about that much faster than the C64… one thing to note is that both the 6502 and the 8086 co-existed in the market … even though the 6502 is 3 years older than the 8086… another thing to note is that the IBM PC , which used the 8086 was in the market in 1981 , 1 year before the Commodore 64 … the C64 however was much cheaper and smaller than the IBM PC however… personally i think the PIP-BOY is meant to have equal or almost equal power the the C64 and the terminals we see in the games are supposed to mimick the IBM PC's power
    Edit : The IBM PC used a modified veesion of the 8086 , the "8088" which is slightly inferior to the 8086 but not by much

  3. I have to disagree with 1:53.. All OS in the 60s and 70s were command line based. AT&T developed UNIX, which was later released as Linux. Gary Kildal developed under the company "Digital Reasearch" CPM, which later became DOS via deals with Microsoft. Linux also has derivates, which come with and without "UI", since command line is a kind of UI (but only basic in input, output), Linux systems need a seperate, like KDE, gnome or even unity (ubuntu).
    Windows used to be a "UI-layer over DOS" until Windows 95. All versions before that system required DOS to be installed. This is the deal behind it. This was in the 90s. Nowadays Windows is no longer based on DOS, but still has an emulation built in.

  4. Fallout technology never made no sense to me the bombs dropped in the year 2077 and respectable even 2077 they're using old Commodore computers and watching black and white television yellow. Robot I got laser rifles Empower warmer but I mean compared to a smartphone or even a Mac-2 where Tandy 1000 the computers don't Stack Up Grand Haven old 1999 computers so much more advanced I mean the old computer I played Wolfenstein 3D on puts the Fallout computers to shame that wants to hold 98 IBM

  5. In 2077…
    I bet they use an Intel Pentium 1 and 128MB RAM + 768MB HDD.
    I dont really think that these 30lbs heavy junk "PC" had a i9x or RTX2080M or someyhing modern

  6. The pipboy is a massive jump in tech from the terminals you see around fallout world. And even the terminals that are basically copies of early Commodore's are far superior to vacuum tube computers that took up half a room. Looks to me like, since the transistor was invented before the war, the government held most of tech to itself which is why all the advanced tech is all military hardware.

    I find it interesting that they failed to develop any decent televisions past 1930's style tech, in our timeline color tv was invented in the 60's and even flatscreen tech existed in 1950. And the TV's in fallout seem older than 1950's style box sets.

  7. One difference between fallout 4 tech and todays is how long it lasts

    I guarantee theres no way any computer from today could last 200 years with absolutely no maintenance and often exposed to the elements and to things like radiation

  8. We could attribute that they used more resources for a less advanced system in the robots, Back to the Future is a good comparison, in the third movie Doc Brown is in basically the wild West, were he had settled in, and when his friend showed up, he took him to his home, where he asked his friend if he wanted ice in his drink, it then cut to a HUGE machination of pipes, pressure indicators, and tanks, turning some cranks and pulling switches, the machine, expends 3 pieces of ice, the point is that it did the same job as modern day refrigerators, but it was more crude, meaning RobCo had more time and money to spend on making the robots, its complicated, but what I think I'm trying to say, is that they found a way to do it with such a less intricate design for their tech

  9. Let me throw my opinion on the table. First there were several vacuum tube types that came out in the late 50's early 60's to minimize space. I'll leave the research to you all but they were called the sub-miniature, the Nuvister, and the Compactron. It could be possible that the fallou universe would have put these types to use in digital circuits or a modified version thereof. Second is that computers of the late 50's were for the most part a hybrid tube and transistor and semiconductor diodes. Third transistor computers of the 60's and early 70's were still quite large using core memory and punch cards. Hope this gives a little different prospective.

  10. I've always loved the future-retro feel. Wouldn't mind having one of those old school terminals, even if it wasn't entirely useful, I would just mess around with it

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